Creating Momentum

We’ll help you design products and websites better and faster than you ever have. We don’t have project managers or move a project through departments. csmians are multi-disciplinarians who stick by your side from start to finish.

Optimizing for success

Our product design process embraces progressive design and helps us break down complex problems to get businesses over humps.

csm's Design Process
  • Find

    Opportunities emerge as we audit and synthesize data through needfinding

  • Ideate

    High-level concepts are visualized through lo-fi click flows

  • Prototype

    Interactions get validated through wireframes and user testing

  • Build

    Page concepts turn into beautifully coded layouts and style guide

  • Evaluate

    Insights from user data emerge to guide the next product iteration

Shaping the future of design

We practice design with a capital “D” so that your product lives up to its promise and your customers’ expectations in a big way.

Designing for Four Corners

Design for four corners

We design for the experience, not the device.

We’ve put ourselves at the responsive forefront with every release of Foundation. Our experience building, and maintaining, the world’s most advanced responsive framework allows us to spearhead mobile-first practices amongst thousands of designers and teams.

Did you know?

56% of cell phone owners use their phone to access the internet, as of April 2012.

Solve Problems Faster

Prototype, test, repeat

We put products in front of customers early and often to make educated decisions.

We'll work quickly — from sketch to prototype — to get your product in front of your customers and onto its next, great iteration. Rapid prototyping and iteration is how we get to answers and get there quickly. Our app suite, Notable, allows us to gut-check concepts with teams and customers early and often, so we can make adjustments on the fly and design better products.


Thy knowledge is thy sword

We believe in building strong design cultures.

Culture of design is what keeps companies innovating and ticking. Throughout our projects, we’ll get you in on our design methods and arm you with tools and products you can take to your team. We train teams and aspiring product designers through our University, sharing our practices and resources, instilling design principles within organizations.

Did you know?

A person’s capacity for working memory is between four and six items.

I’ve worked with csm on a number of projects and am always delighted with the process and the results. The csm team is smart, sharp, and gets it done. — RAMI YARON, DIRECTOR OF PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, NMC UNITED

Building on trust and collaboration

It’s these principles that make us a valued partner in design.

csm's Secret Sauce
  • Think ahead

    csm keeps a business focus. Our work revolves around a common set of goals. It’s not enough to create stunning designs for people — our work drives business results.

  • Be pragmatic

    Great teams know how to adjust tactics and be flexible. We’ve identified key design methods for driving projects forward that are light on documentation and heavy on getting stuff done.

  • Stay T-shaped

    Our team is composed of designers who sketch, polish visuals and write code. We know how to balance business goals with technical constraints and always advocate for the customer.

  • Work efficiently

    In each project, we find the right balance of doing, collaboration, collecting feedback and presenting to help teams push ideas forward.

  • Cut the fat

    csm is focused on creating direct conversations between our customers and the people that actually do the work. Shorter timelines happen as a result.

Let’s work together!

We’ll work alongside you to do great things. Give us a shout:

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